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Festoon Necklace




• One of a kind
• Antique Victorian Mother of Pearl FAB – Horse head and Shoe
• Three necklace strands include one Mother of Pearl rosary bead chain and two strands of bezel set faceted cut crystal
• Figural bronze French heart with Cherub and rose garland
• Figural bronze clasp
• Jill Garber Couture – Handcrafted at Le Nouveaurose Studio USA

As our signature design Festoon Necklace is beautifully hand made from antique and vintage materials. Imperfections due to age are a natural characteristic we believe lends to the inherent beauty of our heirloom creations. 

Product Description

This incredibly rare antique Victorian carved mother of pearl horse head and shoe FOB were beautifully finely crafted as a unique gift for a Montana rancher around the turn of the century. With stunning detail in rose gold vermeil - a bridal, bit and diamond shape shoe nails. Suffice it to say you will never see another Victorian FOB like this. We think it was destined to become a proud necklace. A single strand of Mother of Pearl has been interwoven with two strands of bezel set faceted cut crystal with a smokey hue. Draped upon the shorter strand is an old French bronze heart with a cherub holding a garland of roses.

Our own classic bronze figural clasp makes the measurement of the shortest strand of this one of a kind three strand festoon necklace 15  1/2 long The Mother of pearl FOB hanging at the center of these strands is 3  3/4" long..



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For centuries people have chosen many types of “tokens” to express their love and affection for special people in their lives. From coins to thimbles and jewelry, they all share sentimental symbolism. The charms and trinkets women have treasured and passed down through families represent their children, genealogy, anniversaries, birthdays, family traditions, and of course love.

Our one of a kind, festoon necklaces are beautifully designed and crafted in layers combining vintage mother of pearl beading, antique chain, lockets, charms, fobs and pendants that date as far back as C. 1800.

We encourage you to add your own special family treasures to your necklace as time goes on. Send it to us, and we will take care of it for you!

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